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Best Short Stories of All Times

The best story you have ever read is not necessarily long. It can be just a short novel but reading t will turn your entire world upside down and make you remember it forever. Some time ago I did not pay any attention to short stories at all as I considered that it is impossible to develop a plot and fill the narration with deep sense and emotions using only a few pages of text. But the following short stories have changed my opinion once and for all.

“The Letter from an Unknown Woman” written by an Austrian writer Stefan Zweig has become real revelation for me. It is the story of love which has almost unbearable power and lasts for the whole life of the main heroine. She felt in love with a handsome writer in her childhood, then met him when she was eighteen, but he did not recognize her. She gave birth to their child without the writer knowing about it. The woman has to find sponsors among rich men to give her child a good living. She describes all her life and love in the letter to the writer which he receives only after the death of the woman and her child. This story is a true hymn of unrequited pure love which causes a whirlwind of emotions.

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Muse – Alternative Music Galaxy

“Muse” is a British alternative rock-band which was found in 1994 in Teignmouth, Devon. I rarely like all songs of some band but “Muse” does not cease to surprise me with new melodies. They preserve their unique style but at the same time add something new to every song which singles it out from the row of rock tracks.

The music of “Muse” seems to come to us from another galaxy – it sounds strange and enchanting at the same time. Passionate performance, theatrical vocals, masterly guitar parts and amazing concerts make this band one of my favorite ones.

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Egoism Or Protection of Personal Space?

When the people start talking about their personal psychological boundaries they are likely to be misunderstood. Many a man can’t actually make a difference between protection of the private space and a mere egoism. There is a good feature of a human soul that is called sympathy. When we sympathize the other people we want to be as much helpful as possible. We want to help the other people when something unpleasant happens in their life. But the main question is that their life is not actually yours one. When we forget this we are likely to have our personal space violated. Each time someone is moaning at the phone ask yourself the following questions.

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