Are You ‘Spring’ or ‘Summer’?

Many girls and women follow the fashion and make-up trends but not all of them may be aware of the fact if this or that color shade matches their complexion. The theory of four types of appearance will be helpful for those who want to know their ideal color scheme of clothes, make-up and accessories. All the possible types of appearance are divided into four groups which are named after the four seasons. The reason for that division is the existence of a number of common features that make the one appearance type differ from the three rest ones. Consider what features are typical of you to make sure that you are a mild and delicate “spring” or a bright elegant “winter”.

  • The girls whose appearance can be described as the “spring” type have almost transparent fine skin of soft pink or peach shades. They usually easily turn red when excited of confused. “Springs” may have brownish or pale yellow freckles in a moderate amount. Such girls have smooth fair suntan but they are likely to get sunburned that’s why their tan may look reddish in the beginning of summer. Among the girls of this type the natural blondes prevail. If you have fair hair with natural golden shine you may be sure that you are a typical “spring”.

“Spring” celebs: Princess Diana, Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • The skin of the “summer” girls is fair and thin. One can see the pattern of the blue veins that is showed through the skin surface. That’s why the complexion of “summer” girls may look cold and have bluish shade. The rare “summers” have freckles of gray or ash color. The suntan of such girls commonly is of an even chestnut shade. Hair, eyebrows and eyelashes of “summers” may be dark blond, chestnut or sombre-brown. “Summers” are characterized by delicate and pale colors of their appearance. They are also called “watercolor girls” be photographers and stylists.

“Summer” celebs: Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • “Autumn” is the type which is easy to define. If you have ginger hair and pink skin with bright red or brown freckles there are no doubts that you are a warm “autumn”.

“Autumn” celebs: Lindsay Lohan, Prince Harry, Cynthia Nixon.

  • “Winters” are the typical representatives of the Asian type of appearance. They may have either dark olive skin or almost white porcelain one. Such girls easily acquire dark tan. The face if “winters” is rich in contrast. They have bright dark eyes and pale lips.

“Winter” celebs: Audrey Hepburn, Megan Fox, Monica Bellucci, Princess Masako.

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