The Idols of Your Child

Every child tries to take cue from somebody since the earliest periods of childhood. That’s why the most part of modern children have their idols. The idol of your kid is not necessarily the particular person with his or her own experience but the collective image of the certain time. If your child is fond of this or that celebrity that doesn’t mean that it is the life plans. But the parents still have to control this situation in order not to allow the imaginary image or a pop star or a movie actor to become the center of the universe for their child.

Why is there the need for the parents to be that careful. Almost each grown-up used to have the idols and the examples to imitate. The modern children choose their idols from the same layer of the society which is constituted by the public figures such as athletes, singers, actors or politic activists. There is not anything extraordinary about this fact as the all the public people build their popularity basing it on the attention and loyalty of the audience to some extend. The idols may alternate as the views change, they may seem more or less interesting in the various periods of time. But in any times the celebrities were obliged to be responsible for the influence they might have on the children’s minds. The present-day celebrities have ambiguous image. They create the impression of leading the kids from one age stage to another and grow up with them. The children often choose their objects of admiration without being aware that the last are commonly fobbed by the aggressive advertising campaigns off on them.

Some parents can’t share their kid’s fancy and take strong measures to cut this off. But the persistent prohibitions will only cause the protest of a child which will alienate him from his parents. Try to analyze the image and the features of this or that idol that attract you child. In the most frequent cases the image of a public person is seen by the child as a certain level to be reached. The child may either reach this level in the future or get disappointed with the vague and erroneous image of success promoted by his former idol. Try to talk with your children and ask them to explain the reason why they are fond of the celebrity. Probably the features that attract your child are not the explicit ones that you notice at the first sight.

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