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4 Steps to Make Your Skin Look Perfect

Every woman starts paying more attention to her facial skin as soon as she pushes 27 or even earlier. The most wide-spread question the girls commonly ask me concerns the methods with the help of which I have managed to retain the fresh and healthy look of my skin. I decided to make up a list o the recommendations that may help the girls and women to look young and healthy as the skin condition is the main thing that can either improve or ruin our beauty.

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Disneyland trip

Dear Diary,

I thought this day would never come. It is not that I came to Orlando because I wanted to see Mickey Mouse or something. It is just that The Dream of my childhood was about to come true. Well, to be frank, I had never dreamt about it. I always knew my family wouldn’t be able to afford it.

And now me and Moli, a friend of mine, were at this airport calling to a person who was supposed to give us a ride to the Hotel.

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The Idols of Your Child

Every child tries to take cue from somebody since the earliest periods of childhood. That’s why the most part of modern children have their idols. The idol of your kid is not necessarily the particular person with his or her own experience but the collective image of the certain time. If your child is fond of this or that celebrity that doesn’t mean that it is the life plans. But the parents still have to control this situation in order not to allow the imaginary image or a pop star or a movie actor to become the center of the universe for their child.

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